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what a hoot!! fun game....

[Post New]by HolyCarp on Nov 2, 08 3:42 PM
laughed out loud a lot!
Loved the paper doll cut-outs as they bounced across the screen..and the voices were hilarious!
At first I wasn't going to buy the game..played a bit of the demo and read the lousy reviews here. So glad I gave it another try and disregarded the bad reviews.
The game is VERY witty! The puzzles not real challenging, but a very great variety keeps it interesting.
witty, very witty!
Uber mushroom indeed!
End of the World part one!
kudos to nevosoft and thanks BigFish for offering it!!!!!

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Re:what a hoot!! fun game....

[Post New]by Kathilisa on Jan 9, 10 1:46 PM
it is great fun!!

my hub and son saw me making Leonardo's time machine....

comments...does it run on piddle power?
is it a portaloo?
is it wind-powered?

edited to add other son's comment....
is it the bog standard version?

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Re:what a hoot!! fun game....

[Post New]by Leemo on Aug 25, 10 3:51 AM
I loved it too. Anytime I see A-A-A it makes me laugh. Really good variety of puzzles though graphics are a bit fuzzy sometimes. Excellent cast of characters and a refreshing change from normal HOGs.


Re:what a hoot!! fun game....

[Post New]by heatherington on Apr 10, 11 2:08 AM
I liked this game a lot. I played it twice at least. Some games I play only once and never go back to, but this game was worth a second play, maybe even a third. It's been a few years since I played it last, so maybe I'll download and play it some time this week.

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