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Very nice game!

[Post New]by Tarlyna on Jul 14, 10 12:51 AM
This is my 1st review....so please pardon me if it isn't done right!

I was looking for a game that wasn't as serious and involved as say the Siberia's or the Agatha Christie that I am now in the middle of....yet nothing that was so easy it was boring. Time Dreamer is that game! I so very much enjoyed this game and found myself doing the, "Okay just 15 more minutes and *then* I will go to bed!" Yeah right! LoL I ended up pushing and pushing through until I finished it and then wanted to go ahead and check it out again!

I really liked the mix of hidden object and adventure type "wandering about". It didn't force you to take this unyielding linear path. In each chapter, you could go from room to room and solve a certain amount of puzzles or hidden object scenes in any order that you chose. Obviously you couldn't jump from Chapter 3 to Chapter 7...but there was a great deal of free choice in this game. It lasted quite a good length of time for me, 3 1/2 to 4 hours. Mind you I am not the worlds best gamer, but I am not a newbie by any means!

Okay, the specifics...

Options: Seperate volume for effects and music. Full screen or windowed mode. Regular or custom cursor.

Two different difficulty levels - Casual or Expert.
Casual: Faster hint recharge. Sparkles for active areas. Silhouettes available in hidden object scenes. Hidden Objects easier to find. Puzzles easier to beat.
Expert: Slower recharge rate for hints. No sparkles for active areas. No silhouettes for hidden objects. **** harder to find. Puzzles harder to beat.

I played in Casual mode the first time, as I was looking for an "easier on the brain" game. The hidden objects were easily enough found, (with some searching!) without being so easy that it bored me! I also liked how even in the casual mode, I had to wait for it to recharge a bit, so I was not able to click the hint button willy nilly and "cheat" my way through the game. The different puzzles were interesting....though I thought a couple of them could have been better explained. I must admit I play most games with the music way down, so I couldn't really comment on whether or not it was tolerable or even enjoyable.

I hope this helped you decide if it's the game for you! Personally, I would at least recommend you give it the one hour trial time!

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Re:Very nice game!

[Post New]by nanaseaweed on Jul 14, 10 4:49 AM
Great review Tarlyna and welcome to the Pond! You said it all for me! I played Expert and it was quite a challenge for me! Great Game BFG

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Re:Very nice game!

[Post New]by Vaugh on Jul 14, 10 5:37 AM
Good review Tarlyna and welcome to the pond

I loved this game. Played in casual mode, when I play it again I will be playing in expert. Need to give it a few months before I play. Took me about 5 1/2 to 6 hours, but I play sloooow especially in this type of game. Don't like to use any hints.

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