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Questions, Questions

[Post New]by hogfan on Mar 26, 18 8:32 AM
First off, I love this game. Reminds me of the first ones in the series. Now questions:

Wanda is a mortal descended from a magical price and a mortal. Are the ancestors the Frog Prince and Ivy?

Bridget is the from the Dragon Clan, could this be why when the Royal Advisor blocks her powers she is surrounded by DRAGONflies?

And lastly, the Royal Advisor is from the Frog Evokers Clan. Is she also descended from the Frog Prince and Ivy, or maybe one of his other wives?

Just wondering!

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Re:Questions, Questions

[Post New]by Majestyx12 on Mar 28, 18 9:34 AM
Didn't one Dark Parable have the Frog Prince married to about twelve woman because he was immoral and they weren't? I thought he loved Snow White the most and she turned into the Snow Queen? I would guess Frog Prince and Ivy. Or Cinderella, since she's also blonde.

hogfan, I'm a bit confused with all the pairing but doesn't Bridget have Frog prince and Dragon clan blood both making her special? So she would be immortal and have the animal familiar. I'ld like to see her again in another Dark Parable by Blue Tea.

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Re:Questions, Questions

[Post New]by Haberyan on Mar 28, 18 4:57 PM
Yes, Wanda, the woman, is a descendant of Prince James and Princess Ivy. I believe there are references to frogs and ivy vines all over, but players who played game #2 will get the references.

She's not from a dragon clan, she's from the Daemon Evokers clan, not exclusive to one animal. Originally, she could summon Dracaena, a dragon/frog/ivy hybrid, but when she was cursed, Dracaena became salt dragonflies. But yes, that's a very clever observation

Actually, the old woman was from the Daemon Evokers clan as well, but her family bore the symbol of the frog. She's not related to James, but when she cursed him, she made him a frog BECAUSE of the negative symbolism it had and how that animal was a bad omen -- so James was cursed to look like an evil animal, essentially. Nope, they aren't related, in short

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