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transfer the game to another computer

[Post New]by dfkdkfl_1960 on Mar 26, 18 4:18 PM
transfer the game to another computer.there are three options 1) contact support 2)make yourself a backup copy of the game and ?????????3)to call experts in computer repair anything under any pretext(to clean for example) poprosit him to move he will do it in a second (only a copy to let them do to your pendrive ). Daniela sorry I lost your message

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Re:transfer the game to another computer

[Post New]by susiewastaken on Mar 26, 18 4:38 PM
Let support handle it.
They have a fairly quick turn around time, lately.

Start a new game on your new computer, then send a help ticket.
Customer Support will need your email address and both of your ID numbers...old and new.

click on HELP from top right of this page
then MORE
then SUBMIT A REQUEST (in blue off to the right of that page)

Be sure to REPLY to every email they send.
Don't start a new ticket.

eta: if you have access to your current game, make note of all your friends' ID numbers. CS can and will transfer your old game, and you will have the same level and inventory, just no friends. (play new game up to level 6 to add friends)

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