Half-make potions to empty your flower holder

[Post New]by gamergirl68 on Jul 14, 10 8:00 PM
I'm on my second play through now, and just discovered a neat little trick.

If you don't have enough of a certain flower to make a potion, you can still click on the potion and it will use whatever flowers you DO have, removing them from your flower container/basket. Then when you get the rest of the flowers, just click on the semi-made potion again, and it'll take the remaining flowers and finish it off.

On my first play through, I didn't know this, so when I was working towards a certain potion, I'd leave some flowers in the basket rather than selling them so I wouldn't have to collect as many on the next level. Except this made the basket partly full right at the start of the level, so I couldn't collect as many flowers.


Re:Half-make potions to empty your flower holder

[Post New]by Chlorinda13 on Apr 18, 11 6:30 AM
Its a great trick - if you don't use it you end up with full storage and can't harvest any more flowers.

At other times you can also just sell some of the individual flowers.

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