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story told in the locket

[Post New]by babstoo on Jul 14, 10 8:31 PM
maybe i'm just dumb, but when i finished the game i didn't understand the story told in the locket. the baby was kidnapped, then the wife died, so who was the dark haired sad looking young woman sitting beside the husband at the table when he was older. then he married a young blonde woman who he thought was having an affair and tried to murder her, then what? am i the only one who didn't get it??

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Re:story told in the locket

[Post New]by luvtoread on Jul 17, 10 8:49 AM
I'm on the second wife and that's the same young woman who he
was courting and she didn't really want to marry him. He has locked
her in the basement because of his delusions

The baby of first wife wasen't kidnapped, she left baby behind to
save it's life

Wife #3 is the blonde (1st redhead, 2nd brunette, 3rd blonde-he had
no special preference) She is sickly and he is going insane.

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Re:story told in the locket

[Post New]by netizen on Feb 26, 11 10:48 PM
I'm with you babstoo - I'm totally confused about the story. Also, I've just now finished the game and I don't really understand the end, either.

The game promo says "Discover your Heritage' ... hmmm - well, that didn't happen,did it?

I did get some laughs tho' like the granddaughter whose mother died in childhood LOL! - I'm pretty sure they mean childbirth. And the house being an "edification".

Other than that, I actually enjoyed this game, altho' it was a bit short.

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Re:story told in the locket

[Post New]by Tailteann on Feb 27, 11 6:47 AM
It says 'discover your heritage' because the 'player' (i.e., you) is a relative coming to their ancestral home to solve a mystery.

I finished it yesterday (pretty quickly) and while it's an easy game, the conclusion of the storyline is soooo convoluted.

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Re:story told in the locket

[Post New]by lil_chickadee on Mar 1, 11 12:25 AM
No, he means childhood. He thinks his daughter died of typhus, remember? Only the mother left the baby with HER family, presumably to save her from her insane father. Now he's seeing visions of his grown daughter (which would make me think I'm off my nut to start with), but it only seems to bother him because he thinks she died as a child. But she didn't. Does that make sense? Very little else about this mess of a story does. Did he kill the first wife and convince himself she committed suicide? He most certainly killed the second and perhaps even the third.


Re:story told in the locket

[Post New]by 186FleetStreet on Oct 12, 12 10:45 PM
Maybe the second wife was actually the daughter the husband had with the first wife, the girl that got sent away? And the two of them didn't know it? That's kinda the feeling I got at first.

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