stuck on level 23

[Post New]by katkins_1 on Jul 15, 10 1:48 AM
can anyone help me get through this level its driving me nuts


Re:stuck on level 23

[Post New]by MorgaineMichele on Jul 17, 10 8:24 AM
katkins do you still need help? If so I will replay the level and write down instructions for you.


Re:stuck on level 23 finished it now stuck on level 25

[Post New]by katkins_1 on Jul 17, 10 11:14 AM
Thanks i finally got through that with much hair pulling but now im stuck on level 25
and about to jump off a cliff shortly its driving me insane helpppppppppp !!!!!l Pleasssssseeee


Re:stuck on level 23

[Post New]by lemongrrl53 on Jul 17, 10 6:15 PM
I need help on this level!


Re:stuck on level 23

[Post New]by redrevolutie on Jul 18, 10 2:13 AM
I need help on this level toooooooooo! Those mansions are just too expensive. I start by building the workshop, so that I have cheap workers, and more money. Has anyone got any nice tips for me? Please?

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Re:stuck on level 23

[Post New]by Nijn on Jul 18, 10 3:31 AM
just wanted to tell you, that there´'s a really good walk-through available on [removed by moderator]. It helped me finishing the more difficult levels.
Good luck!

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Re:stuck on level 23

[Post New]by redrevolutie on Jul 18, 10 9:25 PM
Thanx for the tip, Nijn, it helped me too

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Re:stuck on level 23

[Post New]by surely16 on Jul 20, 11 1:58 PM
Do you have to pay for the [removed by moderator] help?

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Re:stuck on level 23 Help Required level 23

[Post New]by cathy12 on Feb 1, 12 5:28 PM
surely16 wrote:Do you have to pay for the [removed by moderator] help?
this does not help me would love to know how you all completed this level have tried all ways but so far none are good enough to pass it, it would be a great idea if people would leave some clue to the level in this case 23 just to get people started who have been on it for weeks and are really stuck,

to recap i have started the game with the mansions buying what i can and restoring and upgrading to have enough men/workers to build them but when i try to buy for the farms needed i tend to buy the animal farms these pay out more money, and have a couple of cheap ones beside my problem is getting the other five farms and buying the other properties to build on i have upgraded the mansions as well as everything else but would love to have some tips where im going wrong, at one stage i had four farms and 2 mansions but no where closer to completing the level, hope you see this post and thank you for taking time out to read my questions have a great day.

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Re:stuck on level 23

[Post New]by mcurty on Feb 6, 12 8:12 PM
I used the walkthrough on the game review site and finished in expert time.

Build quarry
Build country house and sell it
Build workshop
Build mansion and sell it
This should give you enough money to buy up properties and keep building

Build the mansions first for the money
Demolish the workshop as soon as you hire the workers you need

Toward the end demolish the quarry to meet happiness levels

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