Level 4/1, Temple of Zeus

[Post New]by pencilfairy on Jul 16, 10 4:55 AM
The time limit for this level is incredibly short; is this common to everyone, or is my game messed up somehow?


Re:Level 4/1, Temple of Zeus

[Post New]by 4mosey on Apr 11, 11 6:13 PM
You are correct. It is a very short time. Wait until your armored and on your second or third round; the times just goes strait down!


Re:Level 4/1, Temple of Zeus

[Post New]by jabez93054 on Jul 28, 13 10:07 AM
The time is short because when you get the third and four level your time is shorten and you have to move faster to clear the page and complete the game with the less amount years it take you to finish the game. when you do that you get the high score and placement.

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