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[Post New]by sillyfeet on Nov 3, 08 1:00 AM
I really like this second version of the game, but I noticed there's a few little glitches...or maybe it's just my computer.

I notice on the frog flinging mini-game sometimes the frogs don't appear on the flinger thing. You can still play the game and hit the thing and it will make the splash sound but no frog images. And then a few rounds later they're back again. Weird.

I also notice that frequentlyl I will only find one of the skip chips in a scene yet when I get to the end of scene summary it will show I found 2/2 chips. Wrong! Sometimes this happens with the tickets too, but mostly with the skip chips.

And finally on the bullseye mini-game I only earn 12 tickets and yet the host always says "congratulations. You've earned fifteen tickets."

Like I said...minor glitches that really don't take away from my enjoyment of the game (much, much better than season one in my opinion) just stuff I noticed. And who knows, maybe it's my computer.

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[Post New]by blingykins on Nov 3, 08 1:09 AM
I never thought I'd say a game could be too long ... buuuutttt ... this one is .. it just goes on and on and on and on... and it's all the same

Sort of wish I hadn't bought it



[Post New]by Ezrabbit on May 5, 09 3:48 PM
Sorry to bump this, but I only recently downloaded THOS 2 for Mac. I have the skip-chip glitch as well, and I'm wondering if there has been a patch or anything?

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