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JB's Gifting Countdown - Activators

[Post New]by Judibeth on Mar 31, 18 8:37 AM
Note: This will be the last update. The JB game will be quitting next weekend, so be sure to ask for gifts every day in order to get as many as possible. Check two other countdown posts to see what items and weapons are still available.

As of today, April 22 , I still have the following activators to give away:
candle 58
cork 56
dark glass bottle 50
funnel 39
mystic sign 62
basket 5
safety pin 52
stone arrow head 65
magnifying glass 61
ritual stones 66
incense sticks 3
clay figurine 8
sacred lotus flower 4
ancient ashes 5
marsh gas 6
voodoo doll 6
grave ground 2
salt crystals 11
Christmas candle 19
party popper 23
golden pinecone 22
fireworks 7
bow 6

Happy wandering, everyone!

Edited on 04/22/2018 at 9:56:41 AM PST

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Re:JB's Gifting Countdown - Activators

[Post New]by dhawk313 on Mar 31, 18 9:49 AM
Hi JB, This is very thoughtful of you to give us a list! I will miss your JB account. It is good to know that your JayBee account will still be active. Thanks for your generosity! Happy Easter to you too! And Happy Wandering to all. Dona ID#206023

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Re:JB's Gifting Countdown - Activators

[Post New]by Judibeth on Apr 22, 18 10:06 AM
Thanks for your kind words, Dona.
I'll be deleting friends from the JB game next weekend, but will send invitations to the JayBee game for those not already there. If I miss anyone who would like to be friends on the JayBee game, send an invitation. I'll accept people until I reach the 150 limit.

For those who haven't heard, BigFish forums will be closed to new posting and PMs as of April 30, but old posts will be available as read-only so players can look up help that was given in the past, so in case I don't get a chance to say it later, I've enjoyed playing this game even with all the glitches. Thank you all, my friends, for your help and your gifts.

All the best,
Judibeth (JB and JayBee in Wanderland)

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Re:JB's Gifting Countdown - Activators

[Post New]by craftysherry on Apr 27, 18 6:58 AM
Very glad I stopped into the forums this morning. I had no idea the forum was shutting down April 30th till I saw your post above Judibeth ! I too have been enjoying this game even with the glitches and glad you and I have been wandering this together. Thank you to all my friends (current, past and no doubt future) for your help and gifts Happy Wandering in this game and in life !

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