spring event

[Post New]by Hazardmouse on Apr 1, 18 6:19 PM
Who is Chris G in the spring event and what is going on with the todo daily login bonus? I hit lets go and it just brings me to the game.

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Re:spring event

[Post New]by fernbounce on Apr 2, 18 9:58 PM
I've finished the event and I just ignored Chris G.


Re:spring event

[Post New]by NorthStorm on Apr 9, 18 6:25 AM
The TODO daily bonus is just an announcement to let you know that if you claim all daily bonus, at the end of the month you'll get a specific decor element. Since we're playing through the bigfish game manager, we don't get to be directed over the dev's website (with the announcement). So it wasn't a bug, just something that you have to look for directly on the dev's website.

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