Making Mr.Right

[Post New]by senojj369 on Jul 17, 10 2:05 PM
Can someone help!! I' stuck on needing build 10 houses then build diner for 8 residents and accept 15 wedding invites. I can get the 10 houses the dinner and the 800 appeal but not get the 15 invites in time i can get to 11, been trying for 2 days now starting to give up help someone whats the deal. Thanks all

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Re:Making Mr.Right

[Post New]by bfgImbrium on Jul 19, 10 5:30 AM
Hi senojj369,

Welcome to the pond!

The best place to discuss games and get hints and tips is in the Game Forums. These are easy to get to, just click the Forums tab on the home page. Then you can search your game under ‘All Game Forums’ .

Also, if you have a specific question, you can click the Advanced Forum Search under the Search All Forums. Here you can choose a specific game and type a keyword like “marble” and all of the posts about “marble” will come up!

It would also be really helpful to specify the name of the chapter or the level you are stuck on so fishies can hop in to help.

I'm going to move this thread over into the Making Mr. Right game forum and this discussion can be continued here .

Happy gaming!


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Re:Making Mr.Right

[Post New]by jkuci on Sep 14, 10 3:35 PM
Mr. Right Rejection Form Letter
Dear (____rejectee's name here____ ),

I regret to inform you that you have been eliminated from further contention as my Mr. Right.

As you are probably aware, the competition was exceedingly tough and dozens of well-qualified candidates such as yourself also failed to make the final cut. I will, however, keep your name on file should an opening become available. So that you may find better success in your future romantic endeavors, please allow me to offer the following reason(s) you were disqualified from the competition:

[Check all those that apply]

___ Your breasts are bigger than mine.

___ Your last name is objectionable. I can't imagine taking it, hyphenating it, or subjecting my children to it.

___ The fact that our finest dining experience to date has been at McDonald's reveals a thriftiness that I find unappealing.

___ Your inadvertent admission that you "buy condoms by the truckload" indicates that you may be interested in me for something other than my personality.

___ You failed the 20 Question Rule, i.e., I asked you 20 questions about yourself before you asked me one.

___ Your legs are skinnier than mine. If you can FIT into my pants, then you can't GET into my pants.

___ Your "Putting on a few, aren't you babe?" comment, given the 9-months pregnant
size of Your Own beer gut, was inappropriate.

___ You failed the credit check.

___ I find your inability to fix my car extraordinarily unappealing.

___ The fact that your apartment has been condemned reveals an inherent slovenliness that I fear is unbreakable.

___ The phrase "My Mother" has popped up far too often in conversation.

___ You still live with your parents, and attending night classes to get your High School diploma, are slight negatives.

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