Level 48

[Post New]by starlightsaffron on Apr 3, 18 8:20 AM
seems impossible. I just can't fit everything, wherever I place the last building either villa or estate it hangs over onto a non build strip. I have tried loads of configurations. even the picture on the strategy guide can't be done. HELP PLEASE

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Re:Level 48

[Post New]by julesyhedgehog on Apr 3, 18 5:39 PM
It is possible and everything does fit. Put a palace underneath the treasury and at the very bottom near the eye of horus. Then squeeze the 2 estates in between the 2 palaces, side by side. The villas fit in the top left and top right. Then the houses fit in the middle row on the far left and far right.



Re:Level 48

[Post New]by KennaShann on Apr 27, 18 2:37 PM
Omg, thank you!! I tried this level multiple times over a couple days, and just couldn't get it. Read your answer, and got it on the first try. Fantastic!!

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