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JB's Gifting Countdown - Weapons and Lures

[Post New]by Judibeth on Apr 4, 18 6:23 AM
New players, or anyone else who wants "free" gifts, send me an invitation #160795 and I'll gladly accept you as a friend as long as I have room. However, please note that I am no longer playing this game and just check in to give as many gifts as possible. Note, however, that the JB game will be quitting next weekend, so be sure to ask for gifts each day to be sure of getting as many as possible.

Old friends, feel free to delete me if you would rather save a spot for someone who is asking for items.

As of today, April 22, I still have the following weapons and lures to give away:

ancient sword 7
blessed shield 23
pendant with holy water 23
leather sling 8
pebble 12
swamp snake antidote 5
cave mouse 11
invisible hat 7
talisman of light 7
perfume sprayer 6
ankh 8
flail and crook 5
reeky alder ember 10

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Re:JB's Gifting Countdown - Weapons and Lures

[Post New]by Judibeth on Apr 22, 18 10:15 AM
I'll be deleting friends from the JB game next weekend, but I will be gald to welcome JB's friends to my JayBee game. I've sent invitations to some of you, but if I missed some who would like to join JayBee, please send an invitation. I'll accept friends until I reach the 150 limit.

We won't be able to make new postings or to send PMs to any BigFish forums after April 30, so I'll take this opportunity to thank all of you for the gifts and support you've given me in Wanderland.

Happy wandering, everyone!
Judibeth (JB and JayBee in Wanderland)

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Re:JB's Gifting Countdown - Weapons and Lures

[Post New]by tia6cat on Apr 25, 18 4:04 PM
Thanks for all your gifts JB they have been a big help.

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