[Post New]by ministerdianesou on Apr 4, 18 1:08 PM
Each level has spots where you can take pictures, but I can't figure out how to do it. I'm playing in casual mode. Does that make a difference?

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[Post New]by joybelle_1 on Apr 4, 18 10:46 PM
It shouldn't make a difference what mode you play. As long as the path is not on the spot and you will get an it... a worker (male) will come and place a camera on the spot. Click spot again.. you will have a circle and an arrow, click on the circle (camera lens) and wait for (girl) to come and take the photo. It will say.."great photo" and appear if you have been successful. To remove camera (if you need to take more than one) the camera.. and the arrow again and a worker will remove it. It is a three step process to position, take shot, and remove.

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