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Cnacubo, Yebgehi!

[Post New]by Slavicdiva on Jul 18, 10 4:17 PM
OK, I don't have a Cyrillic keyboard, so I don't have enough letters to properly spell "spasibo, Yevgeny," which is "Thanks, Eugene" in Russian! There's just not enough letters on my standard English keyboard to spell properly in Russian.

I just finished this game, and I am very glad I bought it. I like games based upon historical themes, and the Templar saga is an enduring mystery that will always be the subject of speculation.

I didn't have any trouble finding the objects, and I play on a laptop - Dell Latitude D260. I liked the greying-out of the objects' names when they were out of view, as that helped narrow the search a bit. My eyesight isn't always the greatest, but I didn't have a hard time with this game.

I liked this game's twist on "spot the differences;" I don't usually like those kinds of minigames at all, but these were interesting. I also liked the "find the stuff that is anachronistic,"even though some of the objects were small and harder to see. But it made me think about what was blatantly out-of-era. And the "make chains of colors" thing was fun, if a bit easy.

I really hope there will be a "Jane 2" - and if the developers need any help with the American English localization, I would be happy to help. I am far from fluent in Russian, but I can read Cyrillic and I do own a dictionary. And as ever, pictures are worth 1000 words!

Bolshoe spacibo to Eugene and his team,



Re:Cnacubo, Yebgehi!

[Post New]by Eugene_Duranin on Jul 20, 10 3:40 PM
Hi, Slavicdiva!
Thanks a lot for your warm words!
I'll surely write you about Jane 2 localization when we'll have something to be localized.
We are working on Jane 2 (but still only at art production). Meanwhile we'll release one Egyptian styled game
Hope you'll enjoy it too.

Best regards, Eugene.

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Re:Cnacubo, Yebgehi!

[Post New]by DBTCkitty on Jul 20, 10 3:46 PM
Are you the DV of this game Eugene?

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