Jack n box

[Post New]by Imapeacock on Apr 6, 18 5:45 PM
I forgot what the jack in the box clown was used for and also the jesters.
Please help me out. Thank you.


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[Post New]by Arizona63Tucson on Apr 6, 18 5:55 PM
Lets see , we have the Jester Bunny Pet then there is the Jack-in-the-Box pet that is also an achievement to get the Jester Avatar


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[Post New]by whitebutterfly54 on Apr 6, 18 6:11 PM
Jack-in-the-Box is a pet that takes 5 springing-a-head, 5 jester caps, 5 smiles, 20 unique stamps and 1000 coins.

Jester Bunny is a pet that takes 2 spring cakes, 5 jester caps, 5 green eggs, 5 golden eggs and 10 unique stamps.

That's all I see that are jester-like.

ETA: Oooh, yes, Arizona...the avatar Jester for achieving Level 3 of the Joker's Wild Achievement.

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[Post New]by Czoe on Apr 6, 18 7:45 PM
Jack in the Box spring toy is a good pet for wooden chest challenges, yeah you get the creepy Jester avatar too, after a few uses. Fifty/fifty odds for gold or wood.

Can't help but think of that "Pop Goes the Weasel" song when I see him, though.

It might also be a fifty/fifty chance that a small child will be enchanted or terrified by that toy. Never had one in my house, after I saw an 18 month old child scream and fall to sobbing at the sight of a weird thing popping up in her face, while the adults in the room thought it was funny.

I'll have to ask my cousin if she has an unexplained fear of clowns.

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[Post New]by __TJ__ on Apr 7, 18 2:38 PM
Hmm in that case I may skip the jack in the box, I already have a great wood chest finder lol the snow Griffin, don't really need anymore of those? How about the Jester bunny though she's cute I want her for sure, decent chests would be a a plus though.

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[Post New]by Annelliegram on Apr 7, 18 3:32 PM
Jester Bunny .... requires 7 bags of the Special Pet Food when feeding....
Wooden Chest 5%
Iron Chest 30%
Golden Chest 65%

I find that these percentages are pretty accurate.

Regarding the Jack-in-the-Box .....
The little chests when you open him SAY he will give Wooden 50% of the time and Golden 50% of the time........ but, I beg to differ (well, at least it seems that way).

There is an achievement associated with the Jack-in-the-Box ..... you feed him 20 times and get the Jester avatar as a reward upon completion. I found that when I was feeding Jack while working toward this achievement, he tended to give a Golden Chest at almost every feeding... However, when I had fed him the 20 times required..... he has been far more prone to giving Wooden chests.

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