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Ship Master Achievement

[Post New]by trixiebubbles on Apr 7, 18 5:47 AM
Achievements – Ship Master
The two toughest achievements are Ship Master (Send 5000 Ships) and the Antiquarian (Get 100 Ancient Chests).

Each ship that is sent averages at 40 points (or 20 HO scenes because each scene gives 1 ship item which is worth 2 points). That is 100,000 scenes to play. By deliberately lowering the ship average, the number of scenes necessary can be lowered. For example, I completed the achievement with around 160,000 ship points. Two other players completed with 180,000 and 185,000. So that was 10000 and 12500 less HOs I had to play than they did. I dropped my ship’s average from 40 points to 32 points by packing and sending ships that needed 36 or less points.

Making preparations for the campaign is the first step.

Some suggestions…get a stock of 150 of each of the ship items….

Stock 500 of each weapon for banishing/bartering because with 10 ships sent a day, at least 40 diamonds a day will be required and closer to 80 if lowering the ship point average is a goal. In order to buy the 500 weapons, play the Wishing Well with 1 roll of the 500 wheel and then a doubleclick of the 2000 reel to accumulate the necessary coins faster. Also use the collections to accumulate coins.

Stock up on the Owl amulet, the Coin amulet and the Lucky Clover, Silver Horseshoe and Money Toad amulets to increase the likelihood of receiving items for use in banishing/bartering and Access.

The campaign:
Pursue Diamonds: Use the Hunters’ Huts as much as possible….particularly for floaters that have Bosses that are easy to banish or yield Access items…Before clearing the Hunters’ Huts activate the 3 amulets that boost the dropping rate….lucky Clover, Silver Horseshoe and Money Toad….After clearing the Hunters’ Huts, spend the time left on the Silver Horseshoe to banish/barter with all possible Floaters on all 3 islands.

Determine and set a goal of the number of diamonds you can spend a day.

Pack and send ship if the items required are less than 36 and if you have the items.

Send the ships empty if items required are over 36.

If you do not have enough items, buy the items (this is the only place that you are able to buy ship items) but do NOT pack….send the ship empty (the theory being you might have enough of the items for the next ship that requires them).

Ship items can be acquired only when playing HOs (other than the method stated in the above paragraph). I kept track of the number of ships I had earned each day by the number of Owl amulets I used. If I played the HOs for a full Owl Amulet that meant I had earned (almost) enough items for 1 ship.

Play the HOs that you can do the fastest or give you items you need….such as Dragon Eggs or Weapons Chests. And be aware of the cost of the scene, especially the Access items needed.

Check your ship item inventory frequently and if an item falls below 15 to 20, play some extra HOs to replenish.

Pursue holiday achievements that require lots of HOs…..lots of HOs mean lots of ship items.

It is important to play HOs between sending ships to keep up the inventory.

These are the methods I used…and I have to admit that I bought the items for the last 100 ships or so. I really would like to hear from others what their campaign strategies and methods are.


Re:Ship Master Achievement

[Post New]by SHAUNADEAN on Apr 7, 18 9:42 AM
Thanks for the tips Trixie. That is all I have left is the Ship as Sensei everywhere. If I have all inventory to send ship then I send even if only 8 points as not the points that matter but number of times sent. Interesting to see how others play as doing the ship has to be worked at. I will have a go at doing what you say about sending the boat only if it is under 36 points as get more for that because as I already said it is the times sent not the points. I hope others post as to how they are doing it as all information greatly received.

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Re:Ship Master Achievement

[Post New]by AlexRaluca on Apr 7, 18 11:35 PM
Thank you for sharing that strategy
I tried to think about something I could add. Well ... there's nothing

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Re:Ship Master Achievement

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