Missing 13 cities

[Post New]by SorryCharlie on Apr 7, 18 6:19 AM
I still only have 35 cities. but the Achievement is for 48. When are we going to gt the missing cities?

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Re:Missing 13 cities

[Post New]by GulfCoastGuppy on Apr 7, 18 7:39 AM
Sorry, SorryCharlie . There are no longer any updates for ART. Once you have given Odin one of each of your collections, the game quests are essentially over. Your achievements will be completed except 35/48 Cities, 5/8 Pets, and 17/30 Pet Accessories.

To complete Odin, you will need to play a full year to include all of the Seasonal events and their related collections. After that, it is up to you what you make of the game play. Enjoyment? Restart? Get everything up to guru level? Come back just for Seasonal events? (this one will ultimately get you the 300 Achievements achievement)

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