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RE: Jigsaw Puzzle game

[Post New]by judy1689 on Apr 7, 18 8:17 AM
The last 2 times I played the jigsaw puzzle I won all but the last game. I did not want to pay the coins to replay the last game for gems, and it only awarded the money win, none of the bonus items I won.

The first times I played . . . and lost after a couple of items won, I was still awarded the items I won even though I chose not to replay.

What's up with that? Should I report that as a technical issue?


Edit. I checked my inventory and the items won were not there.

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Re:RE: Jigsaw Puzzle game

[Post New]by mumma_1 on Apr 7, 18 8:36 AM
Hi Judy1689

If you the play the puzzles and you choose to 'try again' (which is free first time round) and lose....any items that you would have won will be gone...except the coins

I personally only use the 'free' try again if I have not won the diamond....I then get out of there....

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Re:RE: Jigsaw Puzzle game

[Post New]by whitebutterfly54 on Apr 7, 18 11:36 AM
Hi judy, mumma's absolutely right. On the first try, if you pick the wrong hand you are given the option of trying again. If this time you choose the correct hand, then play again but choose the wrong hand, you lose everything you won except the coins.

Like any other gambling game, it's best to walk away a winner. And resist playing again after the initial free second try.

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Re:RE: Jigsaw Puzzle game

[Post New]by Annelliegram on Apr 7, 18 3:40 PM
AND ...... IF you "win" the items ..... but guess again wrong and actually forfeit them because you chose to not pay to continue .....THEN the game considers those items as being won and you cannot play for them again until the puzzle in which you won/then lost them cools down and is again available to play.

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