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Eavesdropping on Hansen

[Post New]by prpldva on Nov 3, 08 7:17 PM
tempehwingz wrote:I'm at the part where you have to use the Eavesdrop skill on Hansen. According to the walkthrough I should be able to hear the "magic words" when I come back but all I hear is screaming. It worked when I used it on Kurt...anyone know what am I doing wrong?
Got this from gameboomers for you.. hope it helps

Based on what you read in Kurt's diary, Hansen can say the words that can release him from pain. But he cannot say it in front of others.

Use the Eavesdrop skill and then automatically leave the room. Go back inside the secret room.

Click on the eavesdrop icon and hear the words that can ease the pain - It doesn't hurt me at all.

Talk to Hansen and select the dialogue 'It doesn't hurt me'.

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