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The jail

[Post New]by SHEAR_JOY on Jul 20, 10 7:20 PM
Hi everyone I see there a lot of finisher out there, OK my problem is. I finally got enough money to build the jail now how can I get those crooks in there they keep robing of my gold. I'm only in level 29 and love it, the game. not necessary the level this is my 3rd try. I all so bought the cannonball bag a couple level ago. dose it mean that i can buy 2 balls each new level and if I buy the 2nd BAG of cannonballs I get to buy 3 balls each new level?

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Re:The jail

[Post New]by barregar on Jul 21, 10 8:11 AM
It's been a while since I played this game and finished it.
If I am not mistaken, you can buy 3 bags of cannonballs at every level if you have the money to buy them.

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