Ahoy there fishies!

[Post New]by sweetpops58 on Jul 21, 10 1:41 AM
Well what can I say about this game. Not much really only that it was marginally better than the Wizard of Oz, but by a mere whisker flea.
Straight hog with mini games consisting of the usual, jigsaws, spot the difference and a couple of others, (didn't play much).
Hint not available at beginning but charges during level. Didn't use one so don't know how long it takes to recharge.
Some objects easy to find, others a little more concealed.
You have the choice of gathering money and jewellery so that you can purchase powerups in the shop to aid in your search for objects.
Not really that keen on this one but may be a good one for beginners or for some people that would just like searching for objects and chilling. Can't say for sure if it is timed, I know the timer counts up but I think that's for point system only.
So enjoy this one but afraid it's a no buy for me.


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[Post New]by heatherington on Jul 21, 10 5:33 AM
Yes, I agree. I'm still waiting for another Elixier or dare I say, Dire Grove. Hasn't it been long enough now that we can get another Mystery Case File. I know Big Fish doesn't buy the Mortimer Becket series, but they haven't come out with any of those lately. Puppet show we'll have to wait a couple of years for another I understand completely. And the Dream Day just put out Bella Italia. Dang. I think we are in between the greats right now.


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[Post New]by sweetpops58 on Jul 21, 10 7:09 AM
Oh I love all those games you mentioned and I think a Mystery Case is well overdue.
I also love the Mystery P.I. games. For the soul reason that you can end up with clearing the scenes of all hidden objects.
I think a good old IHOG is what all of us hardened fans are waiting for.
Please BF, pwetty pwease.

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Re:Ahoy there fishies!

[Post New]by Linda_S_55 on Jul 21, 10 7:49 AM
I, too, love all those games. All I can say is that BF is certainly saving me money right now. I've played all the Mortimer Beckett games but others I've purchased from other sites disappoint me since sometimes they take forever to download. I'll stick with BFG and wait it out.

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Re:Ahoy there fishies!

[Post New]by ember89 on Jul 21, 10 7:54 AM
i'm sorry... i thought this was going to be a spongebob thread...

ohhh, who lives in a pineapple under the sea...

move along... nothing to see here...

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Re:Ahoy there fishies!

[Post New]by sammygram on Jul 21, 10 1:39 PM
does anyone know how long this is finished free hr pretty fast and last three games i bought crashed so i hate to get aother that also short


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[Post New]by sweetpops58 on Jul 21, 10 4:20 PM
sammygram wrote:does anyone know how long this is finished free hr pretty fast and last three games i bought crashed so i hate to get aother that also short

Hi Sammygram,

I'm sorry I only lasted about half an hour so have no idea of the length of the game. Glad you lasted the whole hour and hope you enjoyed this one.

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Re:Ahoy there fishies!

[Post New]by Cordia on Jul 21, 10 5:11 PM
Thanks for the clear and concise review, sweetpops! I'm going to demo this one to see if my mom might like it because you mentioned it might be good for beginners to the genre- are the mini-games skippable?

There are actually several big name games in the works right now! Nightfall Mysteries is coming out with a new game in that series (The first one was Curse of the Opera), I believe with the subtitle Asylum, and it should be released in the next few weeks, knock on wood. There have been reports of the sequel to Drawn: The Painted Tower in the sneak peek thread, which is one of the stickies on the front page of the chit chat corner where folks discuss what they've been beta testing. Plus, the fabled Azada 3's latest target release date was around now.

Not just big names, either: I recently played the beta for Guardian: The Ten and it immediately went on my "gotta have it" list. Brunhilda and the Dark Crystal is out of beta but not yet on Big Fish, but I imagine it will appear on the portals sometime in the near future.

No need to despair! There are plenty of good games that will be appearing on Big Fish (and some that are available elsewhere, if you're inclined to look) even though a lot of the heavy hitters have come out with their games recently. The above list is just off the top of my head!

Plus, as others have mentioned, it does seem about time for a new MCF game. (I'm only on Madame Fate, so it's not as pressing for me, as I'm new to the genre- I have a lot of older games still to play.)


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[Post New]by sweetpops58 on Jul 22, 10 3:46 AM
Hi Cordia,

Yes the mini games are skippable, if I remember correctly. Yes sure they are cos I got bored, tee hee. The spot the difference is not skippable but can use hints to find differences. Does take a while for hint to recharge though.

Thank you so much for the information on the games you mentioned. I shall certainly look forward to those in the near future. I think I beta'd Brunhilda but again with the failing memory, I can't quite remember. But if it's an IHOG, then I'm there.
Take good care and hope your Mum enjoys the game.

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