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Looking at a Fish in Findex

[Post New]by TJChipmunk on Apr 10, 18 11:37 AM
The Findex lists all the fish I've discovered. However, if I'm not clicking on an actual fish in my tank is there any way to see a fish's lineage? When I click on fish I have discovered it doesn't show me how they were created. If I click on a fish in my tank and then "species" it shows me the lineage. I want to be able to see the lineage for the fish I have discovered but sold. Is there a way to do that?



Re:Looking at a Fish in Findex

[Post New]by JennTan on Apr 10, 18 10:33 PM
I don't think the game keeps track of that info, once you don't have the specific fish in your tank, all you have is a record of discovering it.

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Re:Looking at a Fish in Findex

[Post New]by Neko6 on Apr 16, 18 2:00 AM
If you want to keep track of the lineage of a fish you have bred, then as soon as that fish reaches maturity, click on it and then go to Species to see the lineage and record it elsewhere. I keep a Pages doc with the list of fish I've discovered and what combination produced it. Otherwise, there is no way to know how you got a certain fish after you sell it.

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