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[Post New]by AmberKB on Jul 23, 10 4:44 PM
Does ANYONE know where/what to use the pickaxe on? I've been all over the castle and the town several times...can't figure out what it's for!

I have a feeling it leads to finding the helmet for the Knight...but...

Any help?



[Post New]by WeeHillyWilly on Jul 23, 10 9:13 PM
The pickaxe is used on the loose wall piece in the chapel, on the left side at the door which leads outside.

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[Post New]by spiritc on Jul 24, 10 9:49 AM
I used pick axe for something else and no it is gone. Cannot find something to cut branch with either. Any help available?? Please!!!



[Post New]by WeeHillyWilly on Jul 24, 10 10:09 AM
You'll get a pair of clippers in a hidden object seen, to cut the branch.


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[Post New]by likearock on Jul 24, 10 12:23 PM
am trying to figure out how to use the crowbar. The strategy guide says to look at the ceiling but I get nothing. Any suggestions?



[Post New]by WeeHillyWilly on Jul 24, 10 12:57 PM
If you are still in the town, the crowbar goes in the factory, on the floor in front of where the guard is standing.
If you are in the castle, playing the extra bonus, it is used on the padlock on the ceiling of a room that has a round trap door.

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