wallpaper and concept art

[Post New]by harleybeatles55 on Jul 24, 10 12:38 AM
Does anyone out there actually USE the wallpaper and "concept" art from any CE??
Just wondering WHO that stuff is for. I never have used ANY of them and I have bought quite a few CEs. That's just useless stuff IMO. I only buy CEs because I am very impatient!


Re:wallpaper and concept art

[Post New]by jenniferjenice on Jul 24, 10 12:55 AM
No, I never use the wallpapers nor am in interested in the concept art. The only reason I get the collector's addition is so that I can play the bonus games.

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Re:wallpaper and concept art

[Post New]by Cherubabies on Jul 24, 10 4:32 AM
NO. Only buy CE for the Stategy info and Bonus Games.

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