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Supercow technical problems

[Post New]by JerryInWales on Jul 25, 10 8:21 AM
The first time I've had a problem with a BFG:
End of first level, there's a "secret" location above the exit. If I jump from the shack to get the coins there, and then drop down to the exit, the PC reboots at once!

This is a Dell desktop, XP SP3, no problems with any other game. The game has played OK on a Targa laptop (though without the secret location jump), and if I get the game it'll be for grandson to play on the laptop, so no great hassle. Still, has anyone else had this problem?

I'll add a P.S. to this note when I've tried the laptop with the secret location jump.

P.S. tried it on the laptop (XP Home SP3) twice, no problem. Very strange!

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Re:Supercow technical problems

[Post New]by Spalli on Sep 12, 10 2:17 AM
Me and my cousin have the same problem. PC restarts at the and of the first level. And we have total different computers.


Re:Supercow technical problems

[Post New]by thesweet on Jan 9, 11 8:19 PM
Hi, try putting in 2 different players I did this and both games worked great I have a mac I played in first player for a few levels then exited. put in second player level 1*2 then. exited went back to first player and was able to continue with both games no problem........

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