Tips! Or things I wish I had known when starting the game

[Post New]by HorseDancer1 on Apr 15, 18 12:47 PM
I tried to breed rare fish without upgrading tanks, etc. and got so many skeletons and nearly ran out of money trying to revive them! So you should just work with common fish until you can upgrade.

Once I purchased more tanks I was so frustrated because fish I wanted to cross to get magic fish were in different tanks. Then I discovered that you can just drag the fish from the tank it's in to the little tank at the top of the page that you want to put it into.

Also there is a tank for sale fish so if you accidentally mark a fish for sale, you can move it back out. It's the tank at the top with the $ on it. You have to do this before going to the SALE at the store though.

Once you get a magic fish keep breeding that one and selling the babies to build up $

There is also a pause game button that you can set to keep the fish from dying overnight! It is under the gear for controls.

These things helped me a lot and I hope they will help some of you, too.

Please add your tips here.

Thanks and happy breeding!

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Re:Tips! Or things I wish I had known when starting the game

[Post New]by Neko6 on Apr 16, 18 1:52 AM
Holy sea cow, I wish I'd known about the pause button. Lost so many fish overnight.

If you do not have Environment Level 4 and the upgrades to keep the rare fish alive, then my advice is when you see that you have rare fry from breeding attempts, instagrow them to adult hood to get them into your species index and then sell them right away for enough to cover the cost of the instagrow formula. Meanwhile, also focus on breeding and selling Magic Fish of Nutrition to make enough money to buy the needed upgrades. You may need to try a few batches of common eggs to get another Magic Fish of Nutrition to start breeding with.


Re:Tips! Or things I wish I had known when starting the game

[Post New]by HorseDancer1 on Apr 16, 18 4:37 PM
Thanks Neko6
Good advice. I was running out of breeding room in my 3 tanks, so started putting all the PG fish in the sale tank, being careful to take some out before selling. This also helps me sort out the kinds of fish, too.

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Re:Tips! Or things I wish I had known when starting the game

[Post New]by unclepaul on Apr 16, 18 7:57 PM
By hatching common eggs you eventually get a Magic fish of Nutrition which is a common fish selling for 53 gold, however you can easily sell them for 70 by choosing Species and changing the price there. It is actually a Striped Tigerfish and can be bred as such.
Its presence is supposed to prevent fish in the same tank from starving to death if you forget to feed them.
Once I was able to get at least 2 of those I tried to breed them as quickly as possible to build up to 10 fish so that I could then transfer 10 baby fish to the sale tank. Repeating this gave 20 fish and then using the Instagrow (175) produced 20 adults that sell for a total of 1400 or a profit of 1225 from which you can buy your second tank.
Repeating this another 4 times gives you 4900 and you can use this to research environment and get a couple of upgrades that will enable you to keep Uncommon fish alive.
Do that again and you will have enough for another tank.

Repeat and you should have enough for researching environment and upgrades to keep rare fish alive

The fish to aim for is the Rare Golden Guppy of Isola which sells for 228 but you can up its price to 300. Using the same process as mentioned with the Magic Fish of Nutrition (sell all but 2 of those) start raising Golden Guppies which are actually Sapphire Angelfish and breed as such. Selling 20 of those gives you about 5825 if you only use the Instagrow (175). If you also use Instabirth (100) for two lots of 10 pregnant Guppies then the profit is reduced by another 200 , but even if you use all the quick fixes you still get over 5000 per sale tank, so this way you can quickly build up your funds.

The other special fish can be obtained by breeding or through hatching eggs.
Magic Fish of Nutrition (common)
Magic Fish of Recuperation (Uncommon)
all the rest are Rare.
BTW where do the eggs come from as the fish do not appear to produce eggs but live young --- a mystery.

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