Those Indians are driving me nuts ! :)

[Post New]by bigknickers on Apr 16, 18 7:13 AM
The puzzle with the Indians at the top. They drop down but then how to get them past the top two rungs to the bottom? I have even tried bombing them . As U know U can't go any further without solving this & I must have tried a zillion times. Help !

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Re:Those Indians are driving me nuts ! :)

[Post New]by SynthpopAddict on Apr 16, 18 7:41 AM
Welcome to the pond!

Without knowing what level it is...there are several levels with masks (Indians) to drop in the game. If it is a board with a hole in the middle or overhang on the edges, any masks stuck over those holes or overhangs will not fall any further unless you move them with a match or by swapping an explosive with the mask to shift the mask over a column so it is in a place where it can fall all the way to the bottom. The general tips thread has diagrams for how to swap a mask with a match.

If it is a portal level (glowing bands on top/bottom of some columns - level 28 is the first portal level), see the tips thread on how to navigate the portals.

If it is a level with lava rocks, you have to explode something in range of the lava to remove it, if it is lava which is holding up your progress.

If it is a level with conveyor belts, a lot of the times you have to get the masks onto the conveyor belt and let the masks ride on the belt until they fall off the board. There's one level relatively late in the game where the belt is in the middle of the screen, but getting the masks there makes them fall off the bottom right corner when they ride the belt just right! Another level is full of dirt and chained tiles in the middle with a conveyor belt going around the entire mess. You want the masks to drop to the conveyor belt and ride all the way around to the bottom right corner in that one.

When the masks are chained, you have to explode something in range of the chains to break them first before you can move the masks at all.

Hope that helps.

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