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[Post New]by tubbytoot2 on Apr 16, 18 7:36 PM
I played MC for over a year until January of this year and due to a pc compromise, I had to wipe my pc and of course had to restart the game. I would like to know how to get more Unique Stamps. Also, as far as I can tell, there is no way to trade other stamps for Unique Stamps. Would this be something that could be added to the game maybe in the friend section.

I am unable to go any further until I get at least 5 more Unique Stamps. It is quite irritating and a bit boring to only be able to play through each section over and over.

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Re:Unique stamps

[Post New]by cindykat325 on Apr 16, 18 8:04 PM
Sorry tubbytoot2

Unusually the communities senior players get back with really helpful info for folks with questions or problems. Today everyone is stunned by the news that the forum will be shut down on the 30th...see the Announcement at the top of the forum.

All I can think of to help you at the moment is: Play HOS's and add to your friend wish list if it's open yet...not sure what level you are at.

Hope it helps - cindykat325

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Re:Unique stamps

[Post New]by Annelliegram on Apr 16, 18 10:54 PM
The game is a HOS game .... you go into the HOSs .... find the objects, and get items in return...one of those items (randomly given) is a stamp. Sometimes it is just necessary to stop questing and do a few rounds to build up coins and stamp, pet food, and airship supplies. That is just the nature of the game.

The Unique Stamp is called unique because it falls less than do the other types of stamps.

That said, the game is sort of quirky ..... if you totally run out of something (like stamps or pet food) .... it seems to withhold it from you.

There are still several days remaining of the Spring Event.....

Set aside your "leveling up" for a bit and try to enter and play as many of the HOSs of the Spring Room 2 in your private room and those of your friends.....when those HOSs are maxed out, they yield 250 coins instead of the regular 50.

If you can manage to do those rooms over and over until the event concludes, you will find yourself flush with extra coins, pet food, and stamps.

Each player should maintain at least (as a bare minimum) 20 of each type of stamp.....then, if a items needs to be crafted requiring 5 of one of those stamps .... keep building up your supply until you have 25 of the stamps before crafting that item....so that you never go below your stash of 20.

Gradually, this minimum should be increased ... many senior players consider 100 of each type of stamp to be held in inventory.

Meanwhile.....stop trying to craft for profit (if you are doing that)......stop relying on pet chests and puzzles to give you your items (if you are doing that)...... by getting items from puzzles and pet chests, you deprive yourself of the other items you get from "doing the rounds"

You can put the Unique Stamp on your wish list and hope friends will gift them to you....but you should not rely on friends to always give you what your game should supply.

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Re:Unique stamps

[Post New]by bugsey01 on Apr 17, 18 1:36 AM
if you wish add me to your friends list and i will send you the stamps over the next few days but try to save them before moving on gl my nos is 536957 bugsey on pc

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