Mall 5 Level 2

[Post New]by AlejandroManatee on Jul 26, 10 12:05 PM
How do you do mall 5 level 2? in need help...FAST!

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Re:Mall 5 Level 2

[Post New]by rbxcbe on Nov 16, 10 9:01 PM
Here are some hints from a Mall-a-Palooza walkthrough:

# Level 1: This level can be tough. You want to get both of the large stores. Build on all of the premium slots but flip a few of them to get cash quickly. In order to meet the mall level goal, you need to help the mall fill up a bit, which means building stores. However, since this will get you low on cash, flip a bunch of your stores and put in some decorations. Working deftly will help you reach the expert goal.
# Level 2: Fill in all the open store spots. Don't unlock the food court locked spots yet. Once you have as many stores as you can, keep an eye out for sales while you upgrade your stores to hit the objectives. While the game says you should hire more security guards, I never really bother and instead focus on the mall appearance goal. The fountain is a big boost.

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