chapter 6

[Post New]by harveysmom367 on Jul 26, 10 12:48 PM
The Strategy Guide said to go to the street door via the raft. How do I do that. I'm stuck. Can any one help


Re:chapter 6

[Post New]by WeeHillyWilly on Jul 26, 10 1:01 PM
If you are where I think you are, you are in the castle. There should be an open ceiling hatch in the prison cell. It will lead to the outside. The front door to the castle has been shut off by the witch. There is also another door, down in the lower area of the castle, down the steps on the left of the upstair case beyond the kitchen. After giving the ladle to the cook, she tells you to go back to the town by way of the river.
Hope this helps, if not, please be more specific as to just where you are.


Re:chapter 6

[Post New]by sloppysnow on Jul 26, 10 2:37 PM
Help Help how do you get into the castle ????? I am across the river at that castle

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