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A Good Game...most of the time

[Post New]by Mary_Cate on Apr 17, 18 1:16 PM
I bought this game some time ago and just got around to playing it. I have to say that out of the 3 Dark Canvas games,this was the best for me. But I did have some issues that kept me from fully enjoying the game. Spoilers will be included in this review.

First, the good things :

1. Hidden object scenes were actually a little hard with some well hidden objects. That doesn't happen in too many current games.

2. Mini games/ puzzles were more a nice division of easy and hard. For the most part instructions were clear and concise. I appreciate that.

3. Voice overs were excellent but....(more on that in the bad section)

4. Morphing objects were a challenge to spot which was nice.

5. Storyline was a nice murder mystery instead of demons, ghosts or monsters and/or fairytale princess. While I do enjoy those types of games as well, it's nice to have a simple human mystery sometimes.

6. Gameplay was long. Spent over 7 hours on main game and another hour and a half on bonus. Well worth the time and kept my interest throughout.

Now for the bad:

1.Access violation errors. Many, many times throughout the game, I was kicked out with these errors. Now I am playing on my ancient 10 year old XP laptop but I usually have no problems running BFG. (Out of nearly 2000 games, the only ones I can't get to work on my computer are the first 2 Fantasy Mosaics, go figure). I never lost much progress but it was very aggravating.

2. That annoying clanking sound during most of the puzzles was awful and made the cursor very unresponsive. I had to mute sound and change to system cursor every time I did a puzzle. Again, very aggravating.

3. The hint button did not work. Now I rarely use hints but after staring at a screen for 30 minutes looking for an elusive object and finally giving in,I expect the hint to help. Not here it doesn't. Any time I used it, it simply circled the upper left hand corner of my screen where nothing was.

4. No lip synching. Normally this is not a deal breaker for me but by the end of the game, I was very annoyed. Every time the characters spoke, whether happy,mad, scared or whatever they had the same dead plastic grin on their face that just made me want to slap them. I also lost voiceovers during cut scenes about halfway in the game.

Continued in next post.......

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Re:A Good Game...most of the time

[Post New]by Mary_Cate on Apr 17, 18 1:27 PM
Review part 2

The Confusing: (Here be spoilers)

I found myself very confused by the bonus chapter. I understand it was about the house`s previous owners from the clipping we found in the main game. What I don't understand is the whole possessed husband/red eyes/eat the disturber thing. The main game was a simple human whodunit. When did it enter the supernatural world? Don't get me wrong, it made for some creepy moments; it just seemed like it came from nowhere.


That final ho scene in the bonus chapter. The creepy doll reciting the nursery rhymes in her little sing songy voice...Omg.. I would love to play an entire game with scenes like that. Made the hairs on my neck stand deliciously creepy.

So overall, I did enjoy this game despite the flaws and glitches. It was entertaining and kept my attention for a couple of nights. I recommend it to anyone who likes a good mystery and is willing to overlook a few problems.

Happy gaming, MaryCate

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