My Solution to Bonus 10

[Post New]by Scottar on Apr 17, 18 7:36 PM
Bonus Stage 10

This level depends much more on luck and especially good timing than all the other levels before. There are a lot of strategies that may work, but no matter how good the strategy is, you might nevertheless have to repeat the level several times to get a feeling for it.

Goals: Achieve 1000 gold per cycle; achieve 650 wood per cycle; collect 1500 gems

Immediately Hire / send 3 scouts to the gold deposits.

Hire Worker and send to right empty lower patch to build Farm

When you have the money hire Leader.

Move leader to Farm, move Worker to upper Right patch to build Mine

Hire Defender, another Leader, Scholar and move to Farm

Hire Scholar and Leader for Mine, move worker back to Farm

Hire another Leader for Farm. Hire another Scholar for Mine.

When you have enough money build Lumber Mill on Far left patch.

Hire Defender and 2 Woodsmen and scholar for Mill.

Move any out of work Scouts to Mine.

When Mine is at 3 stars move scholars to 1 to Farm, 2 to Mill

Buy Lake.

Hire 2 Explorers for Mine.

When Farm reaches 3 Stars move Scholars to Mill

Hire 1 Cultivator for Farm

Build a market beside the statue as soon as you have the required 700 gold.

Hire 3 Explorers to replace Scouts on Mine.

Buy Statue. Hire another Woodsman.

Hire 2 more Leaders for Farm. Hire last Scholar for Market

Buy Silo. Move Scholars to Market when Mill is 3 stars. Hire Defender for Market before 3 Scholars move.

Buy Academy, destroy, build Guild.

Hire 2 Leaders and 1 Defender for Guild

Hire Leaders and Cultivator for Farm. Hire Woodsman for vacated Mill Spots

When Market reaches 3 Stars Hire Leaders to replace Scholars that get canned.

You need 8 Leaders in all to get gold income requirements. 6 Woodsmen for wood.
5 Explorers.

You don't have to exactly follow the outline. You need to monitor Income from Leaders, and income form Mine. Populate Mine with Explorers as early as possible. Make sure wood production is enough to meet upgrade needs as they come about. Don't forget to hire Defenders before populating any structure with 2nd body. Buy land items in this sequence, Lake, statue, Silo, Academy. Build Structures in following sequence- Farm, Mine, Wood Mill, Market, Guild.


Re:My Solution to Bonus 10

[Post New]by Scottar on Apr 18, 18 10:10 PM
I found a slight modification to the above procedure that might allow you to finish faster. Instead of hiring a Cultivator hire a Leader instead. A Leader acts like a Cultivator and earns money to so you can hire guys faster. Best time I got was 7 minuets 30 seconds. Just make sure you have 3 leaders on the farm.

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