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Odd friend request

[Post New]by Hilltop83 on Apr 17, 18 8:21 PM
Today I received a friend request whose avatar shows that they are level 85. Other than "John", how is that possible since the latest update only rakes us to level 84? I have not accepted the request as I am concerned that it is a hacker or something worse. Anyone have any thoughts?

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Re:Odd friend request

[Post New]by silver_hawk on Apr 17, 18 8:44 PM
It is likely a long time player that experienced a glitch way back when the end of content was at level 18. Some games were shut out back then for months and when restored received extra experience points. Even though their level is at 85 they are in actuality at the same quest as everyone else waiting for new content.

It's not a hacker or anything like that. It simply is one of those long time players that got a hic-up in experience points when their game was restored that puts them one or two levels above everyone else.

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