[Post New]by hjshepherd on Jul 26, 10 5:26 PM
How many levels are there? How long did it take to finish the game?

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[Post New]by cstdenis on Jul 28, 10 3:24 PM
There are 5 areas with 5 gates each, but not each gate is opened per level. Sometimes you have to do 5-10 quests to open a gate. EDIT: I went back and counted and there are 70 levels (14 per gate). It took me a good two days to finish the game, then went back and got expert on all the levels. It has good replay value if you use strategy, so I think it's worth the money.

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[Post New]by Chlorinda13 on Apr 18, 11 6:32 AM
Thanks about the replay value tip. I'd been wondering about that seeing as the game although utterly compelling, is rather repetitive. Also thanks about the number of levels- it's more than I thought.

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