Fiber Twig - Stuck on Level 13

[Post New]by ravensong15 on Jul 26, 10 6:16 PM
I get all of the way to what appears to be the end/top of this level. It won't let me put the last piece in place so I can be finished with the level. When I try to it says that I can't because if I do so, other twigs will not be able to be attached. I have re-done the level 3 times. The problem occurs always in the same place at the end of level 13.

One try I took out/hammered a piece every screen until I ended up back at the beginning. I couldn't see any place that there were twigs not joined into the rest of the twigs. It is also my understanding that the screen doesn't move if there are twigs that haven't been joined.

I am able to change which position ends up being the last piece. It doesn't seem to matter which piece is the last one. I always get stopped from placing the last piece and get the same message.

Has this occurred to any one else? Am I missing something? Is this a bug in the game? Thank you ahead of time for any information you might be able to share.


Re:Fiber Twig - Stuck on Level 13

[Post New]by ramblinbegonia on Sep 13, 12 12:51 PM
So glad to know that someone else is there with the same problem....I have done this level more than 6 times, always get to the last top most part, where the tree is closed and once I put my last piece in, it blinks red and says I can't do it...I hope someone has figured this out...its very frustrating!!! Help, please !


Re:Fiber Twig - Stuck on Level 13

[Post New]by ramblinbegonia on Sep 13, 12 1:52 PM
Was confused: its level 14 that I got stuck on...not 13....the trick to level 14 is to attach twig pieces to the brick wall on the way then pops you back to a lower level that has to be finished before you can move on...

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