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Giving Me Ulcers...!!

[Post New]by Celeryhart on Nov 4, 08 7:31 PM
Holy cow.... just reading thru all these posts is giving me anxiety attacks....!! It's painful to read all your problems you are having.... soothed only by the yelps of victory when you finally figured something out..

I bought dear Madame Fate a long time ago..thinking it was just a simple HO game... wrong...!! I couldn't figure out the puzzles so I made the "phone call" which knocked 5 minutes off my time...ouch... Well, needless to say I always ran out of time.

I decided to try it again today....and continued where I'd left off. Well in no time I was stuck on the silly game where I was suppose to make 6 words out of three. Stuck again.. !! I haven't a clue.. !

Is there a walkthru with pictures that I can get some help. There is no way I"m reading thru all these posts..........LOL
I know I'll love the game once I wrap my head around it... but for the moment it terrifies me....LOL
I think I"ll start from square one again....after I get your help....

Thanks in advance

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Re:Giving Me Ulcers...!!

[Post New]by juliamadeane on Nov 4, 08 10:20 PM
Okay sweetie -- I am here!!! The center letter is stationary -- this is a great piece of information to have -- Start there and build out! If you make the two words that use the middle letter, then usually you can figure out the other ones fairly quickly. Also, turn down your sound!! I found that very distracting when I was trying to figure out the minigames and then the crystal ball puzzles. Just know that you own that game and you can do that puzzle as many times as you need to get it done.

I'm only a fin-flick away!!!


Re:Giving Me Ulcers...!!

[Post New]by dolphingirl2k1 on Nov 6, 08 5:38 PM
Yeah, that particular word game you're talking about is titled "Six Words to Win" I believe...where you have to make 3 words across, and 3 down...like you said, a total of 9 letters, where the center letter is stationary. Here's a guide to those ones I've come across so far:


*across = sad, ice & new...down = sin, ace & dew


*across = ham, ice & pen...down = hip, ace & men


*across = god, any & gee...down = gag, obe & dye


*across = bar, one & odd...down = boo, and & red


*across = bam, are & yet...down = bay, are & met

ARE } same letters as previous one, just another solution

*across = bey, are & mat...down = bam, era & yet


*across = gay, ewe & met...down = gem, awe & yet

Those are the ones I've taken notes on so far, but I'm sure there are many others. I guess you could keep leaving, going back to the map, till you come back in to have different sets of letters...and find one group that matches those above... ...hope it helps!

Also, if you go to the 1st page of this Madame Fate forum, browse through the "sticky" threads which cover the word games, and the crystal ball puzzles. Those are the most common subjects people have questions about...so...remember to use those!

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Re:Giving Me Ulcers...!!

[Post New]by giggyann on Nov 6, 08 8:23 PM

You are such a smart fish. Thank you so much. There is a walk through at gamezebo. Since you guys are doing M.Fate have you try the quiz that prpldva is doing on each chapter? It is called picking prpl's pickle.

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Re:Giving Me Ulcers...!!

[Post New]by Celeryhart on Nov 6, 08 8:39 PM
Oh my gosh girl.... thanks a lot... I"m going to write those down... such simple words eh..? Smart fish is right...
I did read thru some of those threads.. and learned that annigram.com is the place to go to unscramble words... which helped a lot.
I'll certainly keep those threads in mind though... I have a feeling I"ll need them

Many thanks

No giggy... haven't seen that ...will check it out too... thanks

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Re:Giving Me Ulcers...!!

[Post New]by dolphingirl2k1 on Nov 6, 08 10:43 PM
...aww, shucks...thanks you guys! Thanks for the info giggy...I'll have to look for it! And, you're welcome Celery...yes...sites that will unscramble words for you are quite helpful in these word games if you don't want to take the time to figure them out for yourself, or get stumped! One I like to use is morewords.com...I like some of the search filters after you type letters in...for example, the word puzzles where you have to make ten 4-letter words from seven letters...on that site you can type all 7 letters in, and click the link underneath all the words that can be made that sorts the words by length, look at all the 4-letter words and you're set! Anyway...good luck playing...and think it's cool you've picked up playing this awesome game again...

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