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Level 26 - Easy Gold

[Post New]by huntington101 on Jul 27, 10 8:38 AM
Build and side 11 cottages.

Bring 6 cottages up to 3 stars asap.

Garden each cottage. There is no rush to do this so make sure everything is sided.

Pay pirate at top of screen first so you can pay off the last one as soon as you have 7,000.

Make sure you side each one immediately because you won't have wood to make a repair. Do upgrades and gardens right after collecting rent so you don't miss a rent cycle.


Level 26 - Easy Gold

[Post New]by TucsonTootsie on Sep 26, 10 12:00 AM
Thanx Huntinton101 ~

Your pattern totally worked, it even made me look like I was on top of it all.

Keep up the good work.



Re:Level 26 - Easy Gold

[Post New]by Maria508 on Apr 6, 12 2:39 PM
Thank you Huntinton101. havent played this game in over a year decided to try it again and no matter what I did I couldn't figure it out. Your solution was perfect and I finished with plenty of time. Thanks again, Maria508


Re:Level 26 - Easy Gold

[Post New]by queticogal on Apr 9, 12 5:40 AM
Like Maria508, I too had left this for over a year............your solution is so simple, it makes me wonder why I found this level so difficult! It worked!! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU.............from Canada

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Re:Level 26 - Easy Gold

[Post New]by Moon38 on May 22, 14 8:47 PM
I didnt have too much of a problem there as Im not worried about the time restriction to start with. I just like to do the goals in my own time. Howeverrrrrrr how did yall get the happiness up to where it's supposed to be? Putting a garden on each chalet isnt enough. Thanks

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