Swift Feet Achievement

[Post New]by billcollector10 on Apr 19, 18 8:28 AM
How can you get this achievement if you can't teleport using the map? Feeling dumb

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Re:Swift Feet Achievement

[Post New]by Haberyan on Apr 20, 18 2:32 PM
To billcollector:

The achievement "Swift Feet" is not available in this installment. To get all achievements, don't use hints or skip any puzzles. Look through the grate in the waterway to get the "secret" one. A list of all the achievements is already available in this forum.

Hope this helps!


Re:Swift Feet Achievement

[Post New]by billcollector10 on Apr 20, 18 7:25 PM
Thanks Haberyan. I thought I read somewhere that swift feet was an achievement in this game too. Glad to know that I'm not losing my mind! I love the surprise achievements and I did get the one you mentioned. Thanks again.

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