[Post New]by whitlo75 on Apr 19, 18 9:31 AM
I'm missing several achievements for this game and I'm not sure why I'm missing them. I usually do pretty well and getting them but this one has me stumped. Would someone be kind and list all of the achievements and how to get them. Feel free to hide it in "spoiler alert" mode and I will uncover it. For those that don't want to know, they won't be disappointed.

The ones I'm missing are:
Check Every Door *
Get Out of Catacombs Quickly *
Pick up the key in one try (I know how to get this one, just made the wrong choice)
Repair the lighthouse *
Lullaby for the parrot * (I'm thinking this one has to do with the gramophone game, but it seems to have a glitch so I skipped the game)
Extinguish a fire *
Find all Morphs (again probably just missed one)


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