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Mystery Trackers Series List

[Post New]by pennmom36 on Apr 21, 18 3:22 AM
Title Collector's Edition Release Date Average Rating

1-The Void (October 14-2010) 4.3
2-Raincliff (May 5-2011) 4.5
3-Black Isle (March 1-2012) 4.5
4-Four Aces (October 11-2012) 4.6
5-Silent Hollow (July 18-2013) 4.6
6-Raincliff's Phantoms (February 13-2014) 4.5
7-Blackrow's Secrets (August 28-2014) 3.6
8-Nightsville Horror (March 26-2015) 3.7
9-Winterpoint Tragedy (August 8-2015) 3.5
10-Paxton Creek Avenger (January 28-2016) 3.6
11-Train To Hellswich (July 28-2016) 3.4
12-Queen Of Hearts (December 10-2016) 3.2
13-Memories of Shadowfield (June 22-2017) 3.6
14-Mist Over Blackhill (April 21-2018) n/a

ELEPHANT GAMES: Yoshkar-Ola Russia founded April 4-2003
("We are making, World is Playing")

Mystery Trackers, Haunted Hotel (games 5-16) Royal Detective, Grim Tales, Christmas Stories, Surface, Chimeras, Halloween Stories, Midnight Calling, Midnight Castle, Mystery Case Files (games 10-11 Dire Grove, Sacred Grove & Fate's Carnival), Riddles of Fate, Hallowed Legends, Death Pages, Unfinished Tales, Detective Quest, Found, Urban Legends, Lost In The City, Super Granny Run, Quark Attack, Up Balloon Up, Ball Craft, Wise Gal, Love Is, Real Stories, Bloom, RIP Trilogy, Road Rush, Jungle Heart, Avalon, Just Bones, Sir Match A-Lot, Ship of Bones, Masquerade Mysteries

upcoming games:
Midnight Calling: Arabella
Grim Tales: The Hunger

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Re:Mystery Trackers Series List

[Post New]by bfgBeruna on Apr 21, 18 9:24 AM
Hello pennmom36,

I had no idea the Mystery Trackers series had become so prolific. Thanks for compiling this list; I've gone ahead and stickied it.


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