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Puzzle Hero - Suggestions

[Post New]by BlueSkunk12 on Jul 29, 10 9:37 AM
1) Make Healing Potions worth more. (1 HP per potion is extremely pointless.)
2) Put Healing and Mana potions in shops for us to buy.
3) Let Super Shield last a certain amount of time or withstand a certain amount of damage. Maybe it can withstand a certain % of damage for a certain amount of time. (It takes so very long to charge the shield, then it takes only one hit before dissipating.)
4) Make the experience crowns worth more. (1 XP per crown takes FOREVER to level up).
5) Add different shapes to the playing field. (Each one being a perfect square is pretty boring.)

A pretty fun game and I don't regret buying it. But I haven't finished playing it once and am already looking forward to a better version.

6) Show our elemental attack/resist during Battle. We get to see the veggie monster's, but not our own. (It'd be nice to not have to leave battle to see those stats.)
7) Have the computer show the BEST match you can make when you wait a minute. Often, it shows the very WORST! (Sometimes I get clobbered following the computer's advice and am usually better off ignoring it.)
8) Let the Super Attack last for a certain number of rounds. (It takes so long to charge, then I can use it only once before having to charge it back up.)
9) Add more adventures, more bosses, more monsters. Maybe even let little bro team up with you. I can already see that after fighting the last boss, there won't be any reason to play this game. (Replayability is GOOD!)

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Re:Puzzle Hero - Suggestions

[Post New]by annatar on Aug 10, 10 3:27 PM
BlueSkunk12: I think your suggestions are excellent, and I've had many of the same thoughts myself when playing the game - which I've done several times since it has lots of replayability.

But I also have a new suggestion for you: Try Puzzle Quest! The gameplay is similar to Puzzle Hero, but it is ten times more complex regarding yours and the enemy's strengths, spells, equipment and abililties. Every fight is unique because each monster has different abilities, spells and weaknesses - and you get to see the enemy's stats and build your strategies on those. You also get to choose and train companions and mounts that give you different help and abilities, and you get to choose your own class (mage, fighter, druid etc) which determines what abilities and spells you have... and you get to develop these over time by levelling up and buying/winning/looting/making your own special equipment. There is a very long and complex story to go with it, with a lot of different quests, and you can play it for weeks before you've gotten through the whole story once. Replayability is endless and you can train with all kinds of adversaries in a battle mode not unlike Puzzle Hero's arena mode.

In short, Puzzle Quest is a very succesful cross between match 3, adventure and RPG (roleplaying game). It's a MUST for those who like Puzzle Hero.

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Re:Puzzle Hero - Suggestions

[Post New]by MeOldMate on Aug 15, 10 1:35 AM
I would love to see a two player version so that you could battle each other.
Perhaps each player starting off with a budget to shop and then building up as you go along.
(In fact on the DS you could keep your shopping sprees secret - would love a DS version.)

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Re:Puzzle Hero - Suggestions

[Post New]by gamergirl675 on Aug 18, 10 10:08 PM
Great ideas!!

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Puzzle Hero - Suggestions

[Post New]by GeorgeTSLC on Nov 24, 11 3:29 PM
BlueSkunk12 wrote:7) Have the computer show the BEST match you can make when you wait a minute. Often, it shows the very WORST! (Sometimes I get clobbered following the computer's advice and am usually better off ignoring it.)
I consider that the hints on matches in match-3 games are solely good for showing you the single possible match on a field where you've despaired of finding one.

The amount of AI capability for showing you the BEST match, which might well require assessing your playing strategy to that point, would probably be prohibitively expensive even in today's market. Next year's, maybe ...

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