Bonus Level 28

[Post New]by JudySchu63 on Apr 21, 18 10:55 AM
The last level to beat- I cannot figure out the trick to keeping those magazines stocked. I'm keeping 4 in my tray and restocking as soon as I can. Any help?

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Re:Bonus Level 28

[Post New]by julesyhedgehog on Apr 21, 18 7:04 PM
As soon as you see a crew member heading to the magazine rack, be prepared to restock them right away. I also had the champagne buckets and champagne glasses on my tray, ready to serve, since those take several steps to make.



Re:Bonus Level 28

[Post New]by JudySchu63 on Apr 22, 18 5:31 PM
Thanks !! I will try that!

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