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What’s up wit hem? How do I get rid of them?



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Hi !! You did not say what level you are on , but , If you are talking about the black growth it will go away when you get around level 52 or so .

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Actually it's not til level 56 that it goes away.
Hang in there - it's a difficult & unpleasant patch of the journey, but you'll get through it if you persevere.

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Further details:

Annelliegram wrote:
Shermione wrote:Thank you for this and I apologize if I am posting this question in the wrong place.

I am confused about plants growths in certain scenes that began to show yesterday. I may not be describing them well. They appear to be dark spidery plants, some with red centers.

A few months ago there were green vines with elves that suddenly appeared, but wouldn’t allow me to interact with them. Eventually, they left.

Initially, I thought perhaps because I was new to the game it was something I wasn’t advanced enough in which to participate, but now that I am at level 50 I fear I am missing something important.

Can anyone fill me in?
Your question and many others are answered in the NEW Strategy Guide in the Frequently Asked Questions Section (and I realize your post came in quite some time ago, but others may have the same question)

To quote from that reference document:

5. The green vines that appear at the beginning of Level 28 have no seasonal association. You get a general idea of what is happening if you read the story line above the character quests. They leave toward the end of Level 29 when the King of the Elves leaves the Castle Gates.

6. The “black matter” that permeates throughout many of the scenes and locations also is not seasonally associated. The story behind that is too complicated for this Guide.** This black matter makes it a bit difficult to find some of the objects within the scenes – especially in the Unique Dishes HOS. It first show up shortly after you reach Level 50 – when you activate the Crown of Gnomish Heritage. It continues to be in all the scenes/locations until Level 56 when the Limb Entrance is opened.

Keep stormin' the castle.

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