Tray pulldown menu is inaccessible

[Post New]by ElOhElLayLola on Apr 21, 18 8:19 PM
I've installed the paid version of JG on two laptop Macs. The installation on my primary computer has stopped working properly.

A control-click on the top bar of a tray, which should allow me to collect tiles, delete or name the tray, etc, just produces the little hand to reposition the tray on the board. Suddenly I have no way to access the commands to use the tray.

Instead I get the little hand icon that lets me drive the tray around the board. Control-click, option-click, command-click - they all produce the hand icon.

Restarting the app, then rebooting the computer, didn't make any difference.

So I deleted the app by dragging it to the trash, then downloaded it again. No change.

Next I did a complete uninstallation with Clean My Mac. Unlike dragging the app to the trash, CMM tears out every shred of an app. So I lost some 200 puzzles I've made in the past.

Finally, I installed JG again from the App Store. And after all that - I still have the same problem. Nothing I click brings down the options at the top of the tray, to let me gather and sort pieces.

How can I get the game working again? I'm going through withdrawal.


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