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This is where I'm going

[Post New]by mcquigan on Apr 22, 18 7:02 AM

Hi there,

Well, it was sure fun here while it lasted... but we've been flushed again.

In 2013 when the CCC (chat) was closed we came up with creative terms to describe how we felt. Most of us felt like a dead goldfish that had been flushed down the toilet.

Many of us went to Pond Friends.

Pond Friends was specificially created for BFG refugees by Timebomb007; he is the admin there.

There is absolutely no fee at Pond Friends, and some areas are free to browse without registering.

We know how terrible it felt and only want to see you keep your community together.

Please join us there if you would like to continue "Sneak Peeks", Betas, developer talks, read and write reviews, interact with developers (yes, developers drop in there) discover adventure gaming, or just chat.

We have a Shout Box "CCC" feature, we can post pictures, and there are so many emojis to choose from! You can even add your personal favs, and customize your Avatar!

It's kinda like BF forums on steroids

This is a link to the welcome letter biscuitsmama and pennmom wrote:

I'll see you at "The pond'

We would love to see you there!


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