This is how to get the weird trophies at bottom of trophy wall

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Leafy-find the strange leaf in the forest:
Click on leaves falling on the 1st board, tutorial, or level 4 of The Forest.

Pincer-ouch, those are sharp!
1st board of The Forest; click on the crab.

Loose Panel-find the loose panel.
Level 1 of The Flying Forest. Click on the wood that is different coloring to the left.

On A Little Dishy-there's something in the water.
Click on bottle floating by in water on level 21 of Shorty's Pirate Ship.

Swampy Was 'Ere-I think you'll notice swampy...
Click on the frog on level 1 of The Swamp.

Cold War-find the spy in a cold place.
Click on the penguin poking its head out of the hole/window on left of screen of
Snowy Mountains.

Desert Tradition-there's always one in the crowd.
Click on tumbleweed, tumbling by, on bottom of screen of The Desert.

Singled Out-there's always on in the crowd.
Click on the bird on right side of crowd, bottom left of crowd, in Higgin's Circus.

Swinging Support-that looks unsafe.
Click on dangling/swinging beam on The Industrial Centre board.

Help?-let someone know you are there for them
Level 93 of The Castle. Click on the tribloo in the cell at bottom/middle of screen.

Any Second Now...-you what will happen next...
Level 101 of The Castle. Click on the chandelier dangling over the bird king.

Hope this helps.

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Re:This is how to get the weird trophies at bottom of trophy wall

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Nice work

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