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This is where I'm going

[Post New]by mcquigan on Apr 25, 18 8:01 AM
Hi there,

If you go to Pond friends you can continue to read Penmom, Bisci, Sunny's and other members reviews (submit your own)!

The pond is made up of BFG forum members. There are "New and Upcoming Games" Sneak Peeks - games which should be coming out this week and perhaps next week as well.

There are game discussion areas

There is the chit chat room if you would like to socialize.

We have all been where you are right now and are hoping to assist in keeping your community together.

This is the link to a welcome letter from Biscuitmama and Pennmom

Some of the members are organizing a Welcome party for the many of you that have joined. If you remember Haggis, this pays homage to her.

Go to: