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Stuck at gates

[Post New]by Bridell on Apr 27, 18 3:56 AM
Before the forum closes I've one last question.

Somewhere around world 7 I've noticed the fireflies needed to unlock increase dramatically.

With every gate it goes up by 3 x 500 or more.

I'm now not even halfway through and I already need 3500 of each color. And I've got only 1 factory.

I tiered up the balloon so I can transport from other worlds (depleting them) but this is getting tedious. I usually play once a day. So one harvest and one balloon per day. It takes me weeks to get through the gate and finally move on.No fun.
And the next gate will probably have another increase of 500 each.Will take even longer.

Q. Does it stay the way in later worlds? If so, whats the best strategy to tackle this?



Re:Stuck at gates

[Post New]by Fred_just_Fred on Apr 27, 18 6:14 AM
Bridell, if you have factories in other worlds, use them to build up inventory there. Then use the airship to send them to your current world. As time permits, keep those other factories working! Good luck.

And yes, the other worlds are just as demanding for fireflies. Check the forum for levels in each world that you can repeat in order to gain fireflies. Level 47, in the Outer Space world is one example.

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Re:Stuck at gates

[Post New]by mpendo on Apr 27, 18 10:35 PM
Ok Bridell all the levels are a challenge to all of us BUT here's my strategy(for what's it worth) in a nutshell:

1: Build 3 factories in the first World (easiest world to build factories). Use this to largely fuel Airship to subsequent Worlds and to sell ff at sale every day.

2: Enter game at least briefly a few times per day to harvest ff, to mine gold in Witchville and to launch your Airship.

3: Spend some money on your Airship size but also have patience. And, as Fred_ has pointed out, there are easy levels in most every World where you can replay ad nausium to gain ff.

4: Play the Fight game every day without using boosts. The coin and the boosts you gain do add up.

Hope any of this advise is remotely useful to you.


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